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» Lawyers Leaving Hours Behind from Golden Practices
I'm pleased Pat Lamb just posted on his blog, In Search of Perfect Client Service, about Exemplar Law Partners not charging by the hour. Awesome! This is a better way of doing business that is gaining momentum across multiple professions including law,... [Read More]

» 2 Very Cool Things: Blawg/Bob Review #44 and Exemplar Law Partners from What About Clients?
The first is Blawg Review #44 (now a/k/a "Bob Review") by West Virginia-based health care lawyer Bob Coffield at Health Care Law Blog. Very nicely done. And funny. The second is the debut of Exemplar Law Partners: "No hourly bill.... [Read More]

» Exemplar Law Partners from Modesto Business Law:
Pat Lamb, on his In Search of Perfect Client Service blog noted that a sizable Massachusetts firm has taken the flat fee plunge and ditched billing by the hour for its business clients. The firm uses a flat fee model [Read More]


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