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May 21, 2005


Joseph DiSalvo

I worked in Florida in the Plumbing, heating and air conditioning field from 1972 to 1990. I have asbestosis and am on oxygen 24/7. Do I qualify for compensation?

Joseph DiSalvo

can I receive compensation for asbestos exposer while working with asbestos in Florida.

Joseph DiSalvo
Joseph DiSalvo

How do I find a lawyer that will get me compensation from the State of Florida for asbestos compensation.

Joseph DiSalvo

Are there any lawyers will to handle my case for Medical Criteria Bill for Asbestos and Silica Claims.

ehr software

So I guess Flordia decided not be the next Mississippi now that Mississippi has decided it doesn’t want to be Mississippi anymore.


Joseph DiSalvo

why doesn't anyone read these e-mails. J DiSalvo

Medical software review

Ehealth of the greatest hurdles is overcoming misconceptions in the minds of regulators, doctors and patients alike. I just returned from a trip to Germany and colleagues there are amused about America's 3rd World-like medical records situation.

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