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Michelle Golden

Excellent point, Patrick. There is absolutely no substitute for the live human.

Remember when voicemail first became the "thang" and people were just relieved to no longer be "screened" out by secretaries and receptionists? They could actually leave a direct message for the honcho who may or may not ignore it.

Actually, it's pretty sad that most people will go out of their way to avoid talking to clients by having the phone roll to vm or have someone else grab it.

A business across the hall from mine is in the IT personnel placement business. I find it highly ironic that they have a complex non-human phone system that takes no less than 3 minutes to navigate to get to someone who IS IN their office. They're in the people business for cryin' out loud.

Then again, so are we...

Thanks for the post and the reference. And, hey, why weren't you at BlawgThink! don't blame Saturday on trial!! :-)

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