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Moe Levine

You post, "I'm not sure I can agree."

A ray of hope. Why is it that people believe that market forces don't impact lawyers when the law business is perhaps the most competitive business in America? There are no real barriers to entry. Forget the old saw about licenses. One must have a license to have a tv or radio station. Would anyone argue that TV and radio are not completely shaped by competition?

Second, stop worrying about something over which you have no control. If clients want technology they will ask for such and pay for such. Technology is a means not an end. You don't get a shorter sentence or a better divorce because of technology--in fact you may get a worse deal, due to bias and prejudice.

I and most good trial lawyers still use legal paps and pencils for a reason. All you need to do is see a jury turned off by a public defender tying on a lap top during trial

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