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Dan Hull

Thanks for picking up on my post, Pat, and for adding clarity to the discussion when it was needed. I think you are right on the money that Larry Richard (who I would love to meet and hear) was talking more about sales, where I was talking more about marketing.

As you suggest, we may be talking about 3 different things: (1) selling and closing--which only a minority can do without help/training, (2) creating a "client-focused culture" at our firms in which everyone is on board and (3) creating a "marketing culture", which also involves everyone.

Here's the rub for me--I don't see much difference between 2 (client-focused culture) and 3 (marketing culture) at all if you are doing it right. If you are serving your clients the right way, and want new business--either new stuff from existing clients OR through "buzz/word of mouth--a client-focused culture IS a marketing culture. You don't need to market a client-focused culture to prospects to pick up new work. If you really have a client-focused group, they will all help to market beacuse they are always thinking that way. A client-focused culture and a marketing culture spring from the same desire to keep impressing by doing great work.

Dan Hull

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